WinchRite brushless model gearbox change out

1-Remove four screws from gearbox attachment

2-Rotate gearbox assembly counter clock wise at connection base on motor

3-Now separate the gearbox from the motor base. Use caution as the gears can fall out the end of the gearbox assembly! “CAUTION”

4-Remove the motor base connector. In this case its black in color, some are white in color. There are two screws which attach it to the motor end.

5-Remove the base connector from the new gearbox by rotating. In this case it is white in color. Use caution that the gears are not disturbed. Now Attach it to the motor end.

6- Reassemble the gearbox to the motor end base mount. The fan at the rear of the motor can be spun to help align the nose gear on the motor to the gearbox entry gears. Twist slightly clockwise to connect the gearbox to the motor base connector.

7- make sure rubber seal is properly in place and screw gearbox into place. Make sure the case lug drops into the designed slot within the case half. Make sure all wires are clear of any pinch points. Reassemble the two case housings.

Gearbox Change Out (375 downloads )
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